Weather in Bombinhas

Bombinhas News:

The lower maximum temperatures of the year: 21º C.

Bombinhas is the national place for ecologic diving practices.

Weather in Bombinhas Brazil

Bombinhas Weather forecast and all information with regional interest about Bombinhas SC Brazil.

On summer months temperatures are very nice. In January for instance, max reaches 28º C and min 21º C . In February are very similar: 28º and 22º C.

March and April presents almost identical values, with max 27º and 25º C.

In November 24 and 22º C and December 26 and 23º C, the rest of the year between May and October goes from 21 to 23º C max and 16 to 19º C min.

Diving in Bombinhas

Waters in Bombinhas are good for diving. In fact is the national place for ecological diving. Transparent and warm waters are the scenario for turtles and fishes.

Diving in Ilha do Arvoredo

A good for diving is the island called Ilha do Arvoredo, also Deserta, Galés e Calhau de São Pedro.