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January is most crowded month, high season. February has lower prices than January but is still high season (except Carnaval)

20 December to 1st or 2nd January and Carnaval are super high season prices are highest of the year and commonly sold in packages of days you can't break.

Medium and low season usually from March to 20 December, have the lower prices possible.

Hotels in Bombinhas Brazil

An important amount of lodgings in Bombinhas exists which allows the tourists to choose the establishment that is appropriate according to the different needs.

Bombinhas can is fun for families and couples.

Retiro dos Padres Beach

There is enough hotels, inns (pousadas), appart hotels and apartments some includes breakfast (usually pousadas and hotels does) and others just lodging. All inclusive system is not common in Bombinhas.

You can change american dollars or euros but you will ned reales R$ (local currency).

If you are looking for a good hotel or any lodging, you really should visit the touristic lodging guide Online Hoteles Bombinhas. Though is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish, browse it in spanish after a while to improve results. You will find photos, maps, and more than 50 different options just in Bombinhas. You can set up your reservation online from anywhere worldwide.

Lodgings are selected so all are good and close to the beach, some of them on the beach, others 300 mts away maximum.

Bombinhas does not uses international start rate system in practice, so the best way to choose your lodging is browsing by photos, services and prices.



You can identify 4 different prices zones as a help. economic, medium, high and luxury.

January is most demanded month but super high season and you can take those for the high season parameter to compare.

February is often cheaper than January, but still high season but Carnaval.

Most economic prices are for March to December (except national holidays) and you can get almost a 50% lower prices. Consider the fact that many hotels are closed on low season (usually from April to November)

Carnaval changes it's date yearly. Christmas (Natal) is generally 24,25 December and New Year (Reveillon) dates around 31/12 until 1st or 2nd January all super high season.

The following are informative prices in reales R$, daily, considering January month. Some hotels charges service tax separately, others don't'. Prices are for the 2 persons, not for each.

2 persons (February 2023)

Economic lodging: up to R$ 280
Medium lodging: up to R$ 350
High: up to R$ 600
Luxury: R$ 610 and above

4 persons (February 2023)

Economic lodging: up to R$ 325
Medium lodging: up to R$ 500
High: up to R$ 900
Luxury: up to R$ 910 and above

Hotels in Bombinhas