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Dogs are not accepted on Bombinhas beaches due to laws. Brazil

The site of Bombinhas Santa Catarina Brazil with all the information about tourism and regional interest on Bombinhas city.

Summer in Bombinhas promises to have an enthusiastic demand and the infrastructure is ready to receive the tourists who return year after year, enchanted with the sun, beaches and the tranquility of Bombinhas.

The populated Bombinhas center, along Vereador dos Santos avenue, as much as the rest of the zone including Bombas and Mariscal, shows shining alternatives for those who wants to be with a foot in the sand or close to the sea.

Bombinhas Brazil

Lodging and Reservations

Although there is enough hotels and inns (hotéis and pousadas), the safe establishments usually exhaust their seats with enough anticipation for the dates between December end and end of February. Because of that, it can be considered appropriate to try residential lodging in inns, hotels, apart or instead of rent houses, with enough anticipation - even with more than 3 months in advance.

It is recommended to avoid the hiring of “opportunities” of rent of particular houses, specially the offered ones in the streets for his greater security. In the other hand, inns, apart hotels, hotels and even some condominiums of residential apartments are usually good options by service provided, price and security.